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Updated: Sep 14, 2023

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sPaCeS pLaCeS was released in November 2021 and is the 6th album release from sound designer and composer Marcus Webb.

Truth in advertising

"He makes great use of his studio to produce a sound that has the vibe of old ritualistic ambient cassettes of the early 1990s.”

Hailed as a fretless guitar luminary in both acclaimed photographer Ralph Gibson's work State Of The Axe and Kevin Dawe's book, The New Guitarscape in Critical Theory, Cultural Practice and Musical Performance, Marcus Webb's improvisational work is hot lava, a liquid of sound that fills every corner of every room within your imagination.


Multi-String instrumentalist Marcus Webb is a restless composer who is engaged in exploring and extending boundaries. Webb's music is often described as incredibly creative, innovative and a force of nature. His music is visceral, with a expressionistic approach to creating timbre and velocities. Constantly discovering new sonorities with his various odd guitar like instruments and synthesizers, he has created a uniquely personal language which speaks to audiences. Influenced at first by guitarist such as Allan Holdsworth, David Torn & Joe Diorio, Webb found great inspiration in the highly charged expression of their work.

Marcus Webb loves, performs and is a student of many different genres of music and has not been afraid to explore them all to the extreme degree and back.

Who I Am

"Ever since I could remember, I have always been in love with sound. I just always felt like it was an extension of who I am ”

Spending most of his more recent creative output within the realms ambient, experimental, jazz, and noise genres of music, Webb is an artist who never neatly fits into any one box, and likely never will. Marcus Webb works as a soundscape designer, composer and acoustics consultant in New York City.

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